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Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary celebrations make the honorees feel very special. It is important to take the time to plan an anniversary celebration carefully. Many married couples wish to commemorate their anniversary with an anniversary celebration, usually during milestone years such as the 25th Anniversary or 50th Anniversary. Often times the celebration is hosted by the couple’s children or other family members, close friends or even the couple themselves.

As with any other party, anniversary invitations should be mailed three to six weeks before the event. Many couples want to make it clear to their guests that anniversary gifts from every guest are not expected at the celebration. One way to solve the “No Gifts” dilemma is to request that guests bring a favorite photo of the anniversary couple or a card in which they have recalled a special memory of a time shared with the couple. This gives guests something tangible to contribute to the celebration yet does not result in an expectation of gifts and an accumulation of unnecessary items for the couple. Our Glass Card Box for your anniversary celebration makes a perfect gift for your guests to put a card or photo in!

The décor for the anniversary party should be compatible with the formality of the celebration. Most common color themes are white and silver for 25th wedding anniversaries and gold for 50th anniversaries. Anniversary candles and vases of flowers, such as those shown under 60th anniversary, are easily utilized to decorate tables as well as photographs of the couple and their family in coordinating frames.

Anniversary celebrations may take a cue from weddings by incorporating an elaborately decorated cake as part of the refreshments. A special anniversary cake top can set off the cake beautifully. The couple may also wish to have their own toasting glasses engraved with the date to use during the celebration.

Anniversary favors are a wonderful way for the couple to thank their guests for helping them celebrate their special day. Favor boxes with the couple’s name and anniversary date filled with candies are lovely. Candle favors and other items typically associated with weddings are also appropriate anniversary favors.

Anniversary Favors & Accessories

Give your guests a personalized candle favor to take home to remember your anniversary party! Our personalized tapestry throws with their own picture makes a unique keepsake that the anniversary couple will treasure. The couple will love to have this as a keepsake of their anniversary party!

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