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Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing wedding colors has always been one of the hardest decisions every bride has the opportunity and will be forced to make. Itís great to think about different color combinations and what is going to fit your wedding style the best, but then you come to the day when you actually have to choose. Choosing colors is a very critical step, because the colors of every wedding are seen in every element of the big day. The theme of your wedding carries throughout your ceremony, wedding candles, wedding favors, bridal shoes and apparel and reception. The wedding colors will be what greets your guests, and what will set the stage and mood of the wedding they are about to experience. It is an important decision, one to have an open mind about and one to be made with a lot of consideration.

There are several questions you must ask yourself. What do you want your wedding to say? What kind of mood are you trying to set? These are some of the questions you should consider when choosing your colors. It you make a quick decision and the colors donít work together like you thought, then it creates added stress to try and change the colors. There are ways to tone down neon green and pink but itís very difficult, so think wisely when picking colors. Donít just pick your favorites because theyíre your favorites.

Think clearly about what you want to achieve in your wedding experience, for you and your guests. Also think about what best suits you and your future husband in what you had envisioned for the big day. If soothing and serene is what you want, think in the muted blues, greens, yellows. Gray and tan will also make wonderful compliments to these suggestions. Donít be afraid to vary the shades, the more you use contrast the more elegant and put together the event looks. A soothing and relaxed atmosphere for your guests will surely be expressed through these various shades. The neon colors mentioned earlier will tell your guests they are in for a party, that you are a very out-going person and you want this day to be fun. Deep purples and reds express a more romantic and elegant experience. This tells your guests that this is the day that you want to invite them in to share with the two of you in the love and joy that you two share together. The ever elegant all white and gold expresses to your guests that you went the whole nine yards, nothing was held back for this special day. Itís a very royal look to go for and a very expensive look. Spring colors, brighter pinks, yellow and greens, are all about a very fresh young look. They are very inviting colors, like a breath of fresh air for your guests to enjoy.

You will have to match your colors to the season in which your marriage will take place; it may be harder to find bright colors in the middle of December. If you are just picking two particular colors for the wedding, be open minded to varying those two colors with other complimenting colors. Last but not least remember to take a step back and really think about what you want for your day and be open minded to change if need. Some times when we improvise on certain shades of colors it turns out better than we expect.

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