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Unique Wedding Favors

Unique Wedding Favors

We have a wide variety of unique wedding favors that will add a special touch to your wedding and reception! We have a large selection of the most unique and popular wedding favors that will truly live up to your high expectations and impress the whole wedding party. Choose these unique favors of great value that will make your wedding day fun!

It is important to recognize the many people that come together to enjoy the ceremony of two people in holy matrimony.

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Remember any wedding favor can be personalized with personalized favor tags.

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LOVE BEYOND MEASURE Heart Measuring Spoons Gift Boxed Wedding Favors
Price: $5.14
Sale price: $4.35
Meant to Bee Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper
Price: $4.50
Sale price: $4.05
A Slice of Love Stainless - Steel Pizza Cutter in Miniature Pizza Box
Price: $3.76
Sale price: $3.29
Two Peas in a Pod - Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Wedding Favors in Ivy Print Gift Box
Price: $5.78
Sale price: $4.91
"Tea Time" Heart Tea Infuser in Tea-Time - Gift Box
Price: $3.60
Sale price: $2.79
Swee-Tea Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy in Black & White Serving Tray Gift Box
Price: $3.85
Sale price: $3.45
Olive Oil Glass Bottle in Signature Tuscan Box
Price: $3.97
Sale price: $3.57
Wedding Favors - Whisked Away Heart Whisk Wedding Favor
Price: $2.60
Sale price: $2.35
Pink Polka Purse Manicure Set
Price: $4.73
Sale price: $4.25
Personalized Bud Vase Wedding Favor - 38 Designs
Price: $5.99
Sale price: $4.99
Personalized Champagne Flute Wedding Favor - 38 Designs
Price: $5.99
Sale price: $4.99