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All About The Wedding Cake


The wedding reception is all about the cake. Wedding cakes have become so elaborate, unique, and creative that you could walk into almost any bakery and hand the baker a sketch or picture of any design and they could make it. It is amazing how talented bakers have become; their skills have exceeded our wildest dreams as to what our perfect wedding cake could look like. Flip through any wedding cake magazine and the pictures will take your breath away. Whether you want a retro, vintage, victorian, classic, or modern cake design, todayís bakeries can fulfill your dream of the perfect wedding cake.

As I mentioned above there are so many different types and styles of wedding cakes which works to every brides benefit. If youíve watched the show ďCake BossĒ then you have seen that anything is possible. Buddy, the owner and head baker, is capable of designing anything you could imagine and then exceed your wildest expectations. He has made cakes from six to eight tiers high, even one cake resembling the famous leaning tower in Italy, it was an exact replica. Buddy is just one example of how talented bakers have become, you should be able to find a local bakery that can achieve your vision that youíve dreamt about, even if itís the wildest cake.

There are several different designs to suit any brideís style. Retro style is very funky, using bright colors, and different shapes. Vintage is old-world inspired, rustic, with a sense of elegancy. Victorian is frilly, extremely fancy, and proper. Classic is your more traditional white icing, flowers on each tier, and a bride and groom wedding topper. Modern is very new, whatever is in, right now itís the sharp edges, sleek cuts, and corners, and an all over smooth appearance. Beach theme cakes have made a big hit this past summer, with lots of seashells, fake seaweed, and tropical plants. Thanksgiving time holds some of the most gorgeous designs with bright reds, oranges, leaves and the popular gourds which create a lovely design for any type of fall or Thanksgiving wedding. Christmas and New Years have some of the most glamorous cakes, bakers are inspired by the glitter of ornaments, ice blue is very appropriate anywhere on the cake, snowflakes, and poinsettias polish it off for a very festive look. Now naturally you can get creative with any season or holiday you so choose, Independence Day, St. Patrickís Day, Valentineís Day the list could go on and on. What Iíve tried to do is give you some good ideas to get you started on which style you may want.

Bakers also have almost any flavor of cake and filling for you to choose from. I canít give you advice on those except it is a good idea to protect your guests from any allergies you may not have known about. Write each flavor and filling out on a table setting card in front of the cake being served so they are well aware of what kind they are choosing. Also, itís a fun way to show your guests how many different flavors you have to offer them.

My last tips on cake are on how to save a few extra dollars, because even though we have the opportunity to get any design, any cake, any color, and any flavor, it does come with a price tag. So to save you all a little extra in the piggy bank go with sheet cakes. If you donít have the table space available to lay the cakes out, have them cut in a separate room and brought out on platters. This is a wonderful way to serve your guests if you are having a sit down dinner, also having them served on separate platters allows your guest to be able to choose which flavor they like the most by labeling each flavor. The biggest tip is to express to your baker exactly what you are expecting, be in good communication, and know all costs upfront. Have a wonderful time picking out which style of cake is yours.

All About The Wedding Cake was written by Darcy Wallace, a writer for Weddings Are Fun.

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