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Wedding Catering Tips For Your Reception


Catering is the biggest reason why men come to weddings; there is no better way to bribe them then through their stomachs. Wives, girl-friends, and every other female guest knows this to be a fact, which is why, 80% of the time, husbands show up with their wives, and male dates show up with their respective lady guests.

Not wanting to disappoint family members, cousins, college friends, and co-workers, your groom will most likely want to be a part of the planning of this particular aspect of the wedding. This is a wonderful thing, because you both can now work as a team, with him planning the perfect meal and you taking care of those small details like, will the caterer provide tablecloths. There is a lot of planning that goes into the type of wedding reception you provide for your guests, and it consists of more than the meal.

When a catering company advertises to be a “Full-Service Catering Company” this means that they provide a full 4 to 7 course meal, dessert, and usually some sort of beverage. Also, they provide a staff of servers dressed in their best black and whites, to bring out the meal quickly and to everyone at once. The staff refills drinks, clears the table when needed, and cleans up the whole mess afterwards. Full-Service catering can also provide table cloths and such things as centerpieces to “dress-up” the table to coordinate with the rest of your reception. Catering companies today can provide almost anything you could ask for and are fully equipped to serve any need, whether serving a buffet style reception, providing hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, desserts, or a 7 course meal. Most any catering company in your local area will be able to suit your needs and more.

The key to figuring out what your guests will be served that evening or afternoon will all be based upon your budget and the guest list. No one wants to cut the guest list and most of us do not have $30,000 dollars to spend on one evening. There are ways to be creative in the budget “worksheet” and still impress our guests. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this task. First research your caterer, have meetings with them, look at who is willing to give you more bang for your buck. Secondly, consider having an afternoon meal or early cocktails. This will automatically bring your budget down. The peak time for catering is evening (dinner-time) on Saturday nights, so take this into account. If having a Sunday or possibly even a Thursday evening wedding would suit you perfectly fine, then check into the discounts which typically come on these nights because they are less likely to be booked.

One more tip for you as you go about the catering decisions, read your contract thoroughly. If the contract says they will provide a certain item such as a tablecloth and they do not produce that item on the day of your wedding, confront them with your contract in hand. Keeping all of your wedding contracts is a very important detail. On your wedding day, perhaps have a folder containing all of those contracts, and let someone you trust hang on to it so you do not run into any surprises.

Wedding Catering Tips For Your Reception was written by Darcy Wallace, a writer for Weddings Are Fun.

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