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Pick An Engagement Ring To Match Your Lifestyle

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Engagement Ring Choices

In the past, your choice of engagement rings came in gold only. Now, there are a variety of new metals that can be used in settings that provide different benefits to people with different lifestyles. Gold is a great metal for jewelry makers, since it is soft and easy to work with. However, it's not as ideal for the bridal couples today who have modern tastes, as most color schemes tend to be lighter colored, using silver tones. In the same vein, wedding couples who lead active sports lives may find gold damages too easily and doesn't wear well in chlorinated environments. For these people, picking a traditional gold setting doesn't make sense. It makes more sense to look at other engagement rings. Design your own ring builders help these people to not only get a unique engagement ring, but one that best suits their lifestyles and tastes.

Platinum Ring Choices

Next to gold, platinum is also a precious metal with a very modern look. In fact, ounce for ounce, it's more expensive than gold. It also is much harder than gold, making it a good choice for active lifestyles and modern tastes. It's not a jeweler's first choice, as the metal is so hard that it is very hard to work with. However, once the ring is done, it has a great modern look and is extremely durable. The problem comes in when people who want the platinum look just don't have the pocketbook to support the choice. For that, they may decide that other metal choices might be more appropriate.

White Gold Rings

Other choices are to use an alloy of gold to get a white sheen, like white gold, which keeps the malleability of the gold with a lower price tag and a lighter look. White gold is not as valuable as a pure gold alloy, but it's a great choice for people looking to get the look they like at a lower price, and are not as concerned with durability or maintenance. Many white gold pieces have a coating that is bonded to the surface that can wear off and needs to be touched up over the course of time. It's also not impermeable to chlorinated environments.

Tungsten and Titanium Rings

These two metals are more known for their industrial applications, than for bridal jewelry, but that's slowly changing. They offer durability and low cost, along with a variety of colors from black to light silver and chrome-like finishes. They can also be worn in spa-like environments without fearing they'll end up damaged. This can make them ideal for wedding couples with active sports lifestyles.

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