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Wedding Flowers "The Good and the Bad"


Weddings Tips are brought to your by Weddings Are Fun. One of my favorite parts of a wedding is the flowers; the arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres and the centerpieces. Although they are one of my favorite things to see at a wedding, it also proves to be one of the hardest items you have to decide on and put together for the wedding. Whether you go with fresh flowers or silk flowers, they both have their “good“ and their “bad“.

Fresh Flowers:
Good news first! One of the best things about having fresh flowers for your wedding is that they photograph beautifully, they have a richness that is captured by the camera and it is breath taking. Most fresh flowers smell wonderful; the scent of fresh flowers is a very welcoming scent for all of your guests to enjoy as they walk in to either the ceremony or reception. This is only good news to the brides who do not want to keep their bouquets, because fresh flowers are disposable.

Which transitions us into the bad news; fresh flowers do not last an extremely long time. If you’re taking the easy route and hiring a florist, the only down fall in doing that is you double the price of the flower budget. When hiring a florist make sure you know what you’re getting, talk a lot with her and be in good communication, this way you can avoid any surprises. If you are a bride who is budget conscious and would like to stay under and do not mind a few more steps, then this next option is for you! Buy your flowers in bulk. This will save you loads in the end, however when your flowers arrive, they are good for about 48-56 hours, if refrigerated correctly. Meaning fresh flowers cannot be in the same refrigerator as food especially fruit, they cannot touch the sides of the refrigerator walls, so to cover them use a trash bag. You want something very light so they can still breathe but still provide enough coverage to not have direct contact with any walls. A “duh factor” if you will, they have to be kept in fresh water with flower food. Although this may sound painful to deal with, it is really not as bad as it sounds. When you order in bulk they provide the flower food. All you need is enough vases or good size buckets to hold all the flowers, not to mention a clean refrigerator or two. For those of you who want to save your bouquet of fresh flowers, there is a way. Fresh flower preservation is becoming quite a hit, however it can be expensive, but from the reviews I have read, extremely worth it. Read up on it by just going to google.com and type in “Flower Preservation”.

Silk Flowers:
Starting with our good news again, silk flowers are much less to maintain. Less maintenance is an awesome concept for the easy-going brides who do not really care about having real flowers, for those who just do not want the hassle, for those who are allergic to fresh flowers or for the ones who want to keep their bouquet without paying for the pricey preservation job. A wonderful plus for our brides and bridesmaids who are allergic to fresh flowers, silk flowers do not have any scent at all which means no one has to deal with red eyes, hives, or any allergic reactions that could happen. Some florists do work with silk flowers, and they are much easier to work with, most of the time. Talk to your florist and get her advice on which she prefers. Look at her sample picture‘s because those will provide wonderful examples of what she is capable of doing for you and it also helps you get a better idea of her style so you can avoid any surprises the day of the wedding.

On the down side silk flowers do not photograph quite as nice as fresh, they can come close if you use higher end silk flowers. If you choose to go with silk flowers, do yourself a favor and purchase higher end silk flowers, but put the bouquets together yourself. It is not hard at all and it will save you money in the end. This is also a fun way to get your bridesmaids and lady family members together for some “girl time”, putting flowers together is so much more fun in good company. With a few friends to help you’ll be done with them in no time. More wedding tips are at our Wedding Blog.

Wedding Flowers "The Good and the Bad" was written by Darcy Wallace, a writer for Weddings Are Fun.

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